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What Sets Us Apart

Eco-Cool Roof 5000 is tested and proven to be a highly effective cool roofing material. The coating’s performance results from the use of 100% pure elastomeric resins and a proprietary blend of hollow ceramic micro-beads.
Eco-Cool Roof  actively works to dissipate solar energy that is often absorbed through structural roofs during daytime hours. The coating’s surface reflects nearly ninety percent (90%) of solar energy and prevents the absorption of 86% of infrared radiant heat, emitting it back into atmosphere and away from the building’s interior.

Why Eco-Cool Roof?

Energy-efficient roofing systems such as Eco-Cool Roof 5000 can significantly reduce roof temperatures during the summer, help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, and dramatically contribute to an overall reduction in energy consumption. Eco-Cool Roof 5000 will increase roof longevity, improve HVAC performance, and can even reduce HVAC system capacity requirements. In winter months, the coating acts as an insulation barrier that helps to prevent heat loss making it an ideal energy efficient roofing surface for all climates.

Return on Investment

Not only is electing Eco-Cool Roof the financially prudent choice compared with alternative products, the coating’s capability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%, especially during peak hours, will generate a dependable return on investment throughout the lifetime of the coating.
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